Everybody Cooks Their Own Meat In This Grazing Grill

Maybe you enjoy being the one who stands over the grill, minding the meat, while the rest of the family just chill out and wait for their steaks to cook.  Well, I don’t.  If I’m going to be slaving over the grill, you will, too.  That’s why the world gave us this Grazing Grill.

An outdoor table for six people, it comes with an integrated grill in the middle, so every member of the family can cook their own dogs, steaks, and burgers.  Like a lite version of the ostentatiously awesome Jag Grill.  No more doing all the hard work all by yourself.  With this thing in the backyard, everyone gets tasked to make their own meals or spend the afternoon eating nothing but bread and potatoes.  Yeah, that doesn’t sound fun.

The Grazing Grill features a recessed middle section along its length that houses a two-burner gas grill.  That means, wherever in the table you sit, you have a portion of the grill available for you to dump that sirloin, chuck eye, and t-bone you’ve had marinating for hours.  Controls for the gas grill are set at one end of the table, where it also comes with a pair of thick, insulated cooler boxes for keeping beverages on ice.  The table comes with two integrated benches, so you don’t need to mess with any extra seats to set everything up.

In case you’d just like to have an ordinary meal outside (no grilling), the table comes with a removable top that you can lay down in place of the grates, so the area becomes extra table space for holding serving bowls and trays.  Construction is metal for the base and frame, with wood for the table top and bench seats.

Available now, the Grazing Grill retails for $2,199.

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