Griffin Multidock Lets You Charge, Sync 10 iPads At Once

You own a psychic hotline network, employing a talented team of highly-trained clairvoyants that you’ve individually supplied with iPads where they read off their scripts and run apps to do some public background checks on the people who call in (which they then pretend they see in the cards).  It’s quite the smooth operation.  Until you need to sync all 50 company iPads to one computer — doing it one by one just isn’t the most efficient system.  That’s where the Griffin Multidock comes in.

Designed for hospitals, businesses and schools (and psychic networks), it’s a powerhouse  hub for iPads that can sync and charge up to 10 tablets at a time.  If 10 per round isn’t cutting it, you can even daisy chain three of them to do 30 of your iPads while connected to just a single Mac.

The Griffin Multidock is laid out as a tower-style filing cabinet for iPads, with ten racks that can hold one tablet each.  Measuring 18.6 x 11.81 x 9.17 inches, you can lay it on the floor with a Mac on top or set it up on a desk for easy access standing.  The individual racks are spacious enough to accommodate tablets even with beefy iPad cases on.

A USB port sits on the left hand side next to each rack, where you can plug in any standard cable to charge your slate at full-rate (the cabinet has its own power connection).  Two LEDs right next to it indicate the status for sync and charging, respectively, both of which can be done individually or at the same time.

Price for the Griffin Multidock is listed at $699.99.

[Griffin Multidock]