Hotelslicer Cuts The Perfect Slice Of Bread With One Motion

Contrary to what the name implies, the Qualicasa Hotelslicer doesn’t slice hotels. Which sucks, because what the world really needs is a giant object slicer so we can fly to space and slice the moon like cheese. Instead, it’s a professional quality bread slicer that’s extremely practical and easy to set up.

Developed by Pezy Product Innovation and We Are Perspective for Qualicasa, the machine is said to have evolved from over two years of research and design. Offering an alternative to hacking at oven-cooked dough with a knife, it purports to cut bread of all types in a perfect manner every single time. Yes, even if your blade-handling skills are the equivalent of a zombie’s conversational ability.

The Hotelslicer reminds of those cutters used to trim the edges off stacks of paper or to cut portrait photos into a specific size. In fact, it works exactly like that, except the 11 x 16.1 x 12.6 inch machine is designed to put its blade across thick lumps of bread. The blade is positioned right in the middle of the platform, with one end hooked up to a guide block with a 0.10 mm precision. Using an ergonomic handle that claims to alleviate 50% of the pressure required during slicing, you’re supposed to simply lift up the blade, slide the bread into the platform and pull back down.

Sounds simple? It is. However, the cutting action is reportedly so precise that even clumsy dolts can achieve a perfect, straight slice every time down. It also requires just one motion per slice, since the cutting groove is so effective that the blade will go through even thick crusts. Qualicasa appears to be marketing it as a way for restaurants and hotels to allow guests to cut their own bread (I guess there’s some fun in that), although it will likely find its way behind the counter at commercial food haunts and higher-end home kitchens first.

Guaranteed to “last for generations,” the Qualicasa Hotelslicer uses 304 stainless steel and Italian granite for construction, and can be dismantled quickly (and reassembled just as fast) for washing. We can’t find pricing details, but it’s available now at select European stores.

[Hotelslicer via Notcot]