Hut On Sleds Is A House You Can Literally Tow To Another Location

You want a house on a sandy beach.  But it’s a coastal erosion zone and local government has required that all buildings erected in the area be removable.  Really.  That’s exactly the situation in which this Hut on Sleds came about.

Designed by architects from Crosson Clarke Carnachan, the house literally sits on top of a sled, allowing it to be towed off to a different location whenever the need arises.  Granted, it’s a little too big (okay, a lot too big) for use as a camper trailer (you can’t exactly haul it to the lake comfortably), but if you bring a large truck, you should be able to change spots on the beach at will.

Used as a holiday retreat, the Hut on Sleds is a beach house that occupies a floor space of 40 square meters.  Equipped to accommodate a family of five, it comes with an open space (that can multi-task as living, dining and kitchen areas), a bathroom and two sleeping zones (including a children’s quarters with a three-tiered bunk).  The entire thing sits closed up when not in use, with large shutters in front that rise up to reveal a two-story glazed façade and similarly shuttered windows on the sides.  There’s also a roof deck on top.

Seriously, this thing is too sweet.  I’m not sure what kind of a truck (or a tractor) you’ll actually need to tow it along, but I’m sure driving that will be half the fun.

Check out the link below to see a lot more pictures.

[via Dezeen]