Up To Three Adults Can Sleep In iKamper’s Hardtop One Rooftop Tent


Rooftop tents have grown in popularity over the years, now being a regular fixture in many campsites and outdoor events. If there’s anything that’s limited their growth, it’s the lack of options in floor size, since tents can only take up as much floor space as the roof of the vehicle will allow. That changes with the iKamper Hardtop One.

Described as “the world’s first expandable, hard shell roof top tent,” it’s a tent that extends both vertically and horizontally, sticking out the side of the roof to give campers additional floor space. In doing so, it extends the capacity of the tent, allowing it to comfortably sleep up to three adults (or two adults plus two children) under its roof.


When collapsed, the iKamper Hardtop One looks like a regular pop-up roof tent that you can extend vertically as soon as you want to set it up at the site. Except, it also manages to fold out to the side, providing additional floor space for users to walk, sit, and sleep in. To equip, simply unlock the corner buckles on the folded tent to activate the integrated levers and gas dampers, which will automatically lift the top of the roof and slide the floor outwards. From there, you simply hook the ladder in place and you’re set. Once fully set up, the tent measures 86 x 83 inches (l x w), with a generous 49 square feet of floor space.


It uses fiberglass for the shell, with the body cut in a specially-made fabric that’s waterproof, breathable, and highly-resistant to fire. Features include an aluminum honeycomb flooring, three large-view windows, and a heat reflection insulator to optimize temperature inside the tent.

Available in different sizes, the iKamper Hardtop One is currently available in South Korea, with US distribution likely in the horizon. Price starts at around $3,900.

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