Insignia NS-HD01: World’s First Portable HD Radio Player


The world’s first portable HD radio is out and it’s a looker. Called the Insignia NS-HD01 HD Radio Portable Player, the innovative handheld device purports to transform radio listening on the road like never before.

While the HD radio format hasn’t exactly taken off, a subscription-free portable player sure makes as great a case for it as you can come up with. Allowing traditional FM stations to broadcast in a crystal-clear, static-free digital format, the Insignia NS-HD01 could be the device that lets the platform reach out to a wider audience.


No bigger than your average PMP, the device sports a simple but attractive set of features that can make it a compelling alternative for your on-the-go music options. Specs include a 1.5-inch full-color LCD screen, a 3.5 millimeter audio jack (can work with car stereos as well) and a rechargeable Li-ion battery. Users get to enjoy basic track and station information on the panel, to go with ten programmable station presets.


The HD radio player comes with an arguably stylish armband, ready to serve as your fitness music source right out of the box. No word on bundled earphones, so either this comes without one or ships with a nominal bad pair that you’ll best be served replacing. Currently available exclusively on Best Buy shelves, the Insignia NS-HD01 HD Radio Portable Player retails for only $49.99, which makes it a plain cheap way to get free music all the time.

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