Intellectual Drinking

bar_games_drink_coastersWe all know that there are certain things that guys cannot do after downing a few bottles of suds. They can’t walk to the bathroom without making several wrong turns first, they can’t hit the toilet no matter how firmly they aim, and they can’t resist having a shot, should you invite them to do so – as long as you’re buying of course.

But one thing guys can do when drink is play the games and puzzles on the Bar Games Drink Coasters. This set of thirty coasters allow you to rest your drink without scarring the surface of the bar, as well as pick them up and play a cool game. Each coaster has a different game and you can play it at home with your friends, in the evening when you and your wife are bored and having a pint, or even at the bar. We do however warn that you may get a strange look if the bartender offers you a coaster and you pull these babies out of your pocket and calmly tell him, “I brought my own.”

The most fun you can have with a drink in your hand…except…well…drinking.

Check It Out $9.99