KegStool Makes A Comfy Bar Stool Out Of Empty Beer Kegs

When we finish a keg after having a house party, we return them to the folks who sell us the beer. Now, we just might have a good reason to actually steal it: the Keg Stool.

Yes, it’s a functional bar stool made out of empty kegs and a few choice parts. You can buy it as a whole piece or just buy the kit, which supplies you with all the necessary hardware (except the actual keg) to build your own. Sorry, Mr. Whitty, we are definitely stealing those beer barrels now. Say your goodbyes the next time you deliver.

While awesome, the KegStool is actually a bit sad. Converting the keg into a bar stool actually renders it unusable as an actual vessel of beer, which is just a terrible way to spend the remainder of its life. Yes, I’m crying. Sniff.

The Keg Stool Kit can attach to all 15.5 gallon kegs, save for the ones with the key type “D.” According to the official website, this works out to about 95% of the kegs used in the American beer market. Since it turns the empty container into a real stool, you get all the amenities, from a soft cushioned seat, a rotating top, a convenient foot rest and the ability to handle up to 300lbs of weight. Quite a nifty way to outfit your home bar with unique-looking chairs, isn’t it?

If you don’t know where to steal your own beer kegs, the company will gladly do all the work for you, shipping you with an already-built piece. You can even choose which brewery you want them to score the keg from, as well as request specific graphics to be printed.

Each Keg Stool Kit sells for $99, with the Stool Kit Complete going for $199. Now, if only they can find a way to keep the kegs usable (for beer), I’d actually pull out my credit card wallet right on the spot.

[KegFun via Crunchgear]