Use The kSafe Smart Container To Motivate You Into Meeting Your Goals


We’ve previously seen a food-safe jar that puts food items on a time lock, ensuring your access to that tempting batch of cookies is cut off for the next 24 hours. The product’s next iteration, called kSafe, goes a different route, using previously-defined goals that you need to accomplish before unlocking whatever reward you’ve placed inside its chamber.

Creatively described as a container for “turning temptation into motivation,” it’s a jar that you can use to hold guilty pleasures, whether it be a handheld console you can’t stop playing, a box of chocolates you can’t stop eating, or any other item whose use you’d like to limit, locking them up until a predefined goal you’ve set has been accomplished. Whether you’re looking to motivate yourself to work out more, study more, or just plain finish that module you’ve been coding for the last six days, this should provide the necessary help to motivate you into getting things done.


The kSafe is a 5.5-liter container that’s designed to blend seamlessly in the home. Sporting a sleek, gadget-like design, it looks like some kind of wireless speaker or portable humidifier, ensuring it doesn’t look out of place, whether in the living room, the bedroom, or the kitchen. Designed to work in conjunction with a smartphone app (iOS and Android), you simply place whatever item you want to use as a reward inside, set a goal on the app, and lock the container – done. Three types of goals are available: activity (fitness goals that unlock the container only after you’ve burned a specific number of calories or taken a specific number of steps), location (unlocks the container after you’ve checked into a place, like the gym or the dentist), or time (unlocks after a certain amount of time). There’s also a password mode that allows you to password-protect the container – perfect for locking up your kids’ toys until their chores are done and similar tasks.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for kSafe. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $79.

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