Lexip Gaming Mouse Comes With Two Joysticks For Unique Game Controls


Adding extra buttons on a mouse is nothing new, as we’ve seen it implemented many times to provide gamers with versatile control options during play. The Lexip Gaming Mouse, however, does something pretty unique, adding a pair of joysticks to the traditional peripheral to enable all-new ways of playing.

That’s right, this mouse comes with two mechanical joysticks on board, allowing you to perform controls you can only do on a gamepad while playing with a standard mouse-and-keyboard setup. It represents an entirely new way to interact using a mouse, enabling truly unique gameplay. Want to zoom, strafe, and aim in an FPS without losing accuracy using just your mouse? This lets you do that. How about operating space and flight simulators with the precise controls of a flight stick? Those joysticks should go a long way towards making that happen. Simply put, this can change the way you play for the better.


How do joysticks work in a mouse? For the Lexip Gaming Mouse, the first two-axis joystick is setup at the base of the device, which you can control by moving the mouse in place using your palm. It can send over 300,000 joystick positions to the PC, with a 20-degree position in all directions. The second joystick, on the other hand, is installed at the side of the mouse, allowing you to control it accurately using your thumb. If you’ve ever longed for the finesse provided by analog joysticks while playing your favorite PC game, this offers the best way to put those controls in your arsenal.

Aside from the joysticks, they also threw in a pair of small buttons for the thumb, both of which you can program from the companion app. From the same app, you can assign different actions to each control on the mouse, set program-specific macros, adjust the laser sensor’s precision, modify the sensitivity of the joysticks, adjust dead zones, and more. Simply put, you can manage nearly every aspect of the mouse from the app, allowing you to customize it exactly to your liking.


The Lexip Gaming Mouse comes with a premium laser sensor that boasts a precision of 8200 dpi and an accuracy speed of 150 ips, along with a rather conventional shape that should enable comfortable gameplay. It has three zones fitted with RGB lighting, namely the logo, the top button, and the bottom shell. From what we can tell, the lighting setup is a more subtle approach than the usually obnoxious all-out light show found in many gaming peripherals.


According to the outfit, the mouse was primarily designed with space and flight sims in mind, since it can perform the role of a flight stick while still serving as a conventional mouse, enabling it to perform sustained, complex maneuvers that would otherwise be impossible with a standard keyboard-and-mouse combo. However, it should also prove immensely helpful with building games (you can place objects more intuitively and switch through items with your thumb), steering games (the base joystick can provide precise throttle and steering input), first person shooters (you can use the joysticks for leaning, precise aiming and zooming, and switching loadouts), and even MMOs (you can program the joysticks for stringing moves together).

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Lexip Gaming Mouse. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at €99.

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