This Loveseat Will Confuse Even The Most Lovestruck Pairs


When people talk about loveseats, it’s usually a sofa-style chair designed to sit a pair side-by-side, so it’s not unusual to expect the Loveseat Shift to be exactly the same thing. Instead, it’s a stool that’s been repurposed to create seating for two.

Designed by Margaux Keller for Maiza Editions, we’re not entirely sure how a couple is supposed to sit on this thing. We’re guessing back to back is the most comfortable, although side by side while facing opposite directions looks possible, too. Seriously, I wish they included a picture with people sitting it in, so I don’t have to wrack my brain trying to figure it out. And, no, I can’t sleep tonight if I don’t figure it out.


The Loveseat Shift looks like someone took a stool with a large seat, split the seat in half, then slid each half a few inches in opposite directions before reattaching them together. Yeah, it’s odd.   In fact, we have no idea about this darn thing’s stability, although we doubt a furniture company would have actually produced it if the frame doesn’t hold steady. On a positive note, we bet couples that visit your house will spend at least 15 minutes trying to figure out how to get comfortable in this thing. Might be a fun way to keep them entertained, before revealing that you actually just use it as a side table to see the disappointed looks in their faces. Construction is solid ashwood.

Available now, the Loveseat Shift retails for $336.

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