Use Mesh Tag To Build Your Own Internet Of Things


There’s no shortage of connected devices for automating a whole load of things both at home and in the office. Problem is, there will always be those tasks you want automated that aren’t quite covered in what the market currently has on offer, requiring you to build your own solution. While that’s fine if you’re good with electronics, it isn’t quite feasible for the large majority of people. The Mesh Tag changes that.

Measuring about the size of a domino, the device can be attached to any object, immediately giving it instant access to the connected electronics. Stick a light-activated tag inside your gun safe, for instance, and you can have it send you an alert every time the safe is opened. Use their button tag as a snooze control for your phone alarm and put it in the bathroom, on the other hand, to force yourself to get up to kill the loud ringing early in the morning.


While that sounds complicated, the Mesh Tag actually makes programming easy using the accompanying app, which comes with a simple drag-and-drop UI to accommodate even the most tech-averse users. There are currently seven types of tags available: button, LED, motion sensor, movement sensor, light sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, and GPIO (general purpose input output). Each one is compatible with various internet services (including IFTTT) and connected devices (Philips Hue, Olympus Air), apart from being able to control most any smartphone or tablet function via the app.


Available now, the Mesh Tag is priced at $189.99 for a four-tag starter kit, with each tag selling for $59.99 each.

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