Mirror Watch Lets You Check Your Lipstick, Nosehairs And Zits On Your Wrist, Tells Time Too


Need to check if your fake moustache is in place every couple of minutes?  Ditch your favorite timepiece in favor of the Mirror Watch, a stylish LED watch that doubles in function as a wrist-mounted mirror.

Let’s face it.  You don’t need a watch.  Your cellphone, your music player and your laptop can all tell the time.  All your wristwatch really does is look good.  Now, you can look good with it too.


The Mirror Watch uses the dial as a mirror by default, allowing you to preen at your own visage anytime you feel like it.   Need to check the time?  Just press on the reflective surface to activate the LED module, which displays the glowing numbers clearly on a black background.  While big and chunky, it’s especially stylish, making for a good replacement to your regular wristwear.

Whether you need to retouch your make-up, check on a zit or fix up your hair, having a mirror on your wrist just makes things all that much easier, doesn’t it?   Sure, there’s a latent narcissism to the idea of always looking at your face.  Considering the alternative, though – having a snot hanging out of your nose and being oblivious to it – everyone can accuse you of vanity all they want.  As if you care.

Designed by Hong Kong-based student Cheuk Kee Lai, the watch will be manufactured under the SDWorks banner, an in-campus facility that helps HK Polytechnic students bring their designs to market.  It will be available in a variety of cases, namely black, brushed stainless steel or gold-plated.  No pricing yet, but the online store is supposed to go up soon.

[Mirror Watch via Gadget Lab]