Thru-Block Modular Coat Rack Lets You Customize How You Hang Your Jackets

Winter is here and the season of heavy coats is nigh.  If you want a rack that can hang every piece of anti-freeze outerwear in your family’s closet, you might want one of these: the Thru-Block Modular Coat Rack.

Created by Wuda (Will Ullman Design Art), the storage solution is a wall-mounted modular system that you can set up in a variety of styles.  That way, you don’t only get hanging spots for your coats, you can literally arrange them to best serve your own needs, as well as complement your room’s existing design.

The Thru-Block Modular Coat Rack comes in various sets, made up of wooden blocks measuring 18 x 1.75 x 1.75 inches (l x w x d), tube-shaped coat pegs measuring 6 x 1 inches (l x d) and a wall mounting system that supports both studs and drywalls.  Each block has five evenly-spaced holes on it, sized to perfectly fit the pegs.

Since the parts ship unassembled, you can mount a single block to the wall and insert five pegs to get a simple rack for five coats.  Being modular, though, you can mount another block right above it and attach two more blocks on either end by using the pegs as bolt to have an instant facility for hanging 16 items.  The configurations you can do are literally limitless, provided you can keep adding new parts into the system.

Wuda uses the Thru-Block system to come up with other useful household items, such as candle holders and shelves.  With a little creativity and planning, you can probably come up with your own novel uses for it, too.  It’s like LEGO for home improvement, which is downright endearing.

[Will Ulman Design Art]