Need An Extra Rugged Boombox? Meet The Sangean Fatbox FB-100


Want a music system you can take with you to the apocalypse?  Look no further than the Sangean Fatbox FB-100, an extra-rugged boombox designed for the most brutal conditions.

Looking more like an emergency worksite generator than a music player, the durable media machine boasts full resistance against water, dust and impact.  Clad in heavy-duty ABS shock blocks, it can survive drops from up to six feet (from the looks of it, it will probably live through even more than that).   The shell will take up to 250 pounds of pressure, while all critical components (buttons, speakers and battery chamber) are properly sealed to protect them from undue mishaps.  Heck, even the radio antenna is made from flexible rubber to keep it intact through abuse.

The Sangean Fatbox FB-100 sports two 6.5-inch 7W speakers (both waterproof) to deliver sufficiently loud outdoor audio, whether you’re cavemanning it deep in the woods or slaving it on a dusty construction site.  There’s no iPod dock, but it can play both AM and FM radio, with two  auxilliary inputs for your external players.  Even better, the compartment for your media players is completely sealed and padded, so your iPod will stay safe.

According to Sangean, the backlit LCD display will be visible even when thick clouds of dust are in the vicinity, although you’ll probably be covering your eyes when that happens.  Other features include an equalizer function with six settings, dynamic volume, station presets and a digital clock.

Measuring 18.3 x 12.1 x 12 inches, the Sangean Fatbox FB-100 is a big slab of tech – one that looks like it will gladly work for its place in your outdoor rig.  Availability is slated for February, although they’re yet to reveal the price.