Help, My Wife Is Drawing With Sharpies On My Car! Oh Wait, It Looks Good

When Collen Kelton moved to Japan, he did what any car enthusiast would do: he got a pre-owned Nissan GT-R to trick out.  Except he didn’t like the color, so he told his artist wife, Allison, to draw over some scratches on the front bumper for fun before he gave it a fresh paint job.   Turns out, Allison enjoyed drawing on the car a little too much, so she covered up way more than scratches, which Collen didn’t mind since he’s painting over it anyway.

Come morning (yes, she spent the whole night on it), the entire front bumper was covered up in intricate marker art, with lines, swirls, and a variety of detailed patterns.  And it looked amazing enough that Collen decided to give up on the paint job and simply let his wife loose on the entire ride.

As of the last update (which, by the way, was around two years ago), Allison has put in over 100 hours of work on the car, covering every square inch of the vehicle’s exterior.  Even better, she made sure not to draw over the body lines, so the vehicle doesn’t look like its hidden under camouflage tape.  Once each part was finished, they applied several clear coats to protect it from wear and tear, ensuring the gorgeous marker art survives the ravages of everyday driving.

You can check out the entire thread for the project at the Skyline Owners Club forum.

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