Nyko Dualies Are Joy-Con Replacements That Boast A More Ergonomic Grip


We’re big fans of Nintendo’s Joy-Con controllers, with their comfortable grip, nice button layout, and totally unique design. Even the best gamepads can be improved on, though, and that’s what Nyko believes they’ve done with the Dualies for Nintendo Switch.

The first third-party alternative for Joy-Cons, the controllers take the same two-piece design as Nintendo’s gamepads, all while providing a wider profile and more rounded edges to allow for improved grip. Whether you spend your Nintendo Switch game time playing Dragon Ball Z Fighter, Bayonetta 2, or… uhm… Fortnite, these things should make a worthy replacement to the standard gamepads that came with your console.


The Nyko Dualies are motion-enabled controllers that sports the same control layout as regular Joy-Cons, ensuring you can use them the same familiar way with every game you play. That means, it also comes with motion control sensors and rumble feedback, so it should work with nearly every game and provide the exact same experience as regular controllers. Except, you know, with a grip that should feel a lot better on your hands, especially when using it sideways as a single controller (you know, those games where you use each Joy-Con as its own separate gamepad). Seriously, the dimensions of these things make us think they were designed exactly for that purpose because they’re very reminiscent of 80s-era gamepads. Basically, if you play with lots of games that use each Joy-Con as its exclusive controller, you’ll definitely want to consider picking this thing up.


No, these don’t snap onto the sides of the Switch the same way regular Joy-Cons do (they won’t work with Joy-Con Charging Grips and Comfort Grips, either), which makes them inadequate replacement if you frequently play with the Switch as a handheld console. For those times you’re playing in front of a TV, though, these should make perfectly good (and, if you believe them, much more comfortable) alternatives.


The Nyko Dualies come with multiple detachable thumb sticks, which you can swap in if you prefer to use ones with a different profile, whether that’s taller, wider, or shorter than the standard thumb control. It charges using USB Type-C, with a bundled cable that houses a 56K oHm resistor, so you can safely plug into any outlet anywhere you are.

The Nyko Dualies are available now.

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