Oakley Radar Pace Sunglasses Have Built-In Ear Buds, Fitness Tracking, And More


Now, this is something different: a pair of wraparound sports sunglasses with integrated ear buds. Really, that’s what they’re bringing with the Oakley Radar Pace, an unholy union of sunglasses, earbuds, and fitness tracking.

You know those earbuds with integrated activity monitoring and voice coaching? Well, that’s what they did here. Instead of just earbuds, though, they threw in a pair of sunglasses along with it, turning out a veritable all-in-one gear for cyclists and runners to wear while doing their daily training.


Created in collaboration with Intel, the Oakley Radar Pace is an erstwhile standard pair of sports sunglasses sporting Oakley’s Prizm lens, which enhances detail to improve your view of the surroundings in different environments. You can use it like any regular pair of sunglasses and ear buds, protecting your vision and pumping your tunes while you hit any road, trail, or indoor track. With the accompanying app, however, it turns into a virtual coach that dynamically designs your training programs, tracks performance, and provides real-time voice coaching. You can even ask it questions like a virtual assistant, allowing you to get any information you need about the workout on the fly.


Aside from pairing with a phone, it can also connect to other sensors (like a chest strap), allowing it to expand to data it monitors. Aside from voice control, it comes with a touch pad on top of the right temple where you can give commands using taps and swipes.

Available now, the Oakley Radar Pace is priced at $449.

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