Shopping For The Apocalypse? Get Your One Year’s Supply Of Canned Food Here

The apocalypse is serious business.  Storing a week’s supply of nourishment is not enough when catastrophe hits – you need more.  How much more?  Something like this one year supply of Thrive canned food from Shelf Reliance.

Available at Costco for $799.99, it sounds like a fair price for what’s essentially protection against your greatest paranoid apocalypse scenarios.  Whether it’s alien invasions, nuclear fallouts or zombie infestations, this offers a simple way to be ready for nourishment while shacking in your underground bunker during the next twelve months.

The year’s supply of Shelf Reliance Thrive consists of 5,011 servings of a variety of  dehydrated and freeze-dried food.  You get 84 gallon-sized cans of treats like Instant White Rice, Grain Pancake Mix, Dehydrated Potato Chunks, Freeze-Dried Mushrooms, Freeze-Dried Strawberries, Textured Vegetable Proteins (in a variety of flavors, including bacon, beef and chicken) and a whole lot more.  Food runs the gamut from grains to vegetables to fruits to proteins, so you can still vary your food groups, despite the undesirable situation.  It also includes several cans of powdered milk, chocolate mix and sugar.

Each set can last one person 12 months, so do the math if you’re planning to fit other people into your apocalypse emergency plan.  Grains and rice in the package have a shelf life of 30 years, freeze-dried stuff can survive up to 25 and the dehydrated ones can live on for 15, so you can stock this for a while before they go bad.

For all we know, the end-of-times may never come in our lifetimes.  Still, do you really want to be the one who wasn’t ready, in case it does?

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