Peg Is A Customizable Desk Organizer That Doubles As A Clever Tablet Stand


I’m forever a fan of the Modo Desktop Organizer and its customizable compartments for truly flexible desk storage.  In a lot of ways, it’s the perfect desk organizer.  And I have feeling something like it is going to work much better when used side by side with a product like Peg.

A storage hub for small items, it’s a board containing rows and columns of holes with an integrated stand that’s designed to plant on your desk at a slight leaning angle.  Plug some of those holes with the included pegs and the slab becomes an instant hub, ready to organize your messy stash of knick knacks, small items, and pocket stuffers.

You can use the Peg to hang jewelry (the pegs serve as hooks), hold stuff (two strategically-located pegs can hold up a marker, business cards, and even a slim wallet), or serve as a tablet stand when the boss leaves the office and you’re free to spend the rest of the afternoon watching HBO Go on your Nexus 7.  Basically, it’s a clever little thing that you can use for a variety of things both around the house and at the office.

The board is constructed from aluminum, with the tiny pegs built from thermoplastic elastomer that gives it both a strong hold and grippy texture.  A small cutout on the bottom left side is included to allow cables to easily pass through when you need to charge a phone or tablet hoisted along the board.

Peg is currently raising funds for a production run on Kickstarter.  Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $20.

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