Pillow Tie Lets You Sleep It Off In A Business Suit

Face it, you’re never gonna afford to be the stylish gentleman strolling down the street in a dapper suit, so you might as well dress for function.  And the Pillow Tie, an inflatable necktie that can double as a headrest for your power nap, will gladly serve as your favorite office accessory.

About as offensive to the fashion police as you can imagine, the multi-purpose tie doesn’t just blow up with air to serve as an unbelievably narrow pillow, it’s clip-on too.

The Pillow Tie is made from a blend of silk and microfiber, allowing for “the look and style of silk” and “the durability of microfiber.”  Inside the sewn fabric sits a removable inflatable PVC plastic, with a valve right on the base of the tie.  Blow through it and the thing balloons into a cushy mini-pillow that you can use to lay your head on while killing downtime at the office.

It measures a little over 4-inches wide and can cushion weights of up to 25 lbs.  Hopefully, your head doesn’t go over that weight, because if it does, you’re even more abhorrent than I originally imagined.  Yikes.  Since it’s clip-on, it comes in only one size, which the creators estimate should look good for guys up to 6’2”.

Yes, wearing a clip-on, inflatable necktie is cheesy.  But drooling on your forearm or on your workdesk is so gross, that the Pillow Tie should be acceptable.  It comes in dozens of designs too, so you can equip your wardrobe with one for all occasions.  Heck of a utility accessory for $20 if you ask me!

[Pillow Tie via Geekologie]