A Professional Microbrewery For The Rich

Home-made beer sounds good, especially since you’ve collected lots of recipes you’ve always wanted to try.  But there’s no way you’ll be wasting your time making beer when you can be using that time making tons of money.  Or drinking beer.  Or making tons of money while drinking beer.  Here’s a compromise: use some of that money you’re making to buy this Professional Microbrewery, an automated brewing system that lets you fashion your own beers without requiring an exorbitant amount of attention.

According to the product page, this is the same setup used in many professional breweries — simply scaled down in size and capacity for the home market.  That means, you get to install your own microbrewing assembly, all while enjoying the benefits of modern technology in your favor.

The Professional Microbrewery uses a Heat Exchange Recycling Mash (HERM) system to produce its concoctions.  We’re not exactly sure what that is, but it sounds official, so we’ll take it.  To get it running, simply punch in the ingredients using the integrated touchscreen computer and let it do its thing — it will tell you when to add hops and yeast and all that good stuff, so you can just make more money, drink more beer and come back later.

Set includes a mobile work table, a mill (can hold 15 pounds of grain), eight 5-liter mini kegs, two 2-liter growlers, six 19-ounce dimpled steins and a mixing paddle.  Construction is industrial-grade stainless steel, so it should be as durable and lasting as the ones professional brewers use.

If you’ve ever wanted to join the microbrewing bandwagon but were too rich to bother, the Professional Microbrewery could prove a worthy entry into the hobby.  It’s made especially for rich folks like you, too, coming in with a $45,000 price tag. Following link takes you to the Hammacher Schlemmer site.

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