Making A Fire Doesn’t Get Any Simpler Than With This Clever Fire Starter


As long as you remember to bring the right tools, starting a fire in the wilderness is easy enough. For those long days when you’re too tired to spend time sparking a flint and blowing into a fire, though, wouldn’t you prefer something that would let you start a campfire that you can leave on its own in seconds? That would be this Pull Start Fire.

Arguably the most convenient way to start a fire, it requires nothing more than pulling a string. Seriously. No matches, no lighters, and no extra fanning necessary. As soon as you pull the string, the thing will light up on its own, sending any logs, twigs, or branches you gathered around it into a burning flame.


Pull Start Fire is a brick-sized contraption (4.75 x 2 x 1 inches, w x h x d) with two strings, one green and one red, on either end. To use, simply tie down the green string to a log to secure it and pull the red string off to start the fire. Removing the red string triggers some sort of firecracker inside (there will be a small explosion), which then sets the rest of the brick on fire. It can keep burning for up to 40 minutes even in the middle of 200 mph winds, so this thing will light any fire, no questions asked. Do note, while kindling is not necessary, they recommend adding some if you’re burning damp logs to ensure everything burns nicely.


Available in packs of six, Pull Start Fire is priced at $25.

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