Record Revirginizer Makes Your Vinyl Collection Feel Brand New

As vinyl records age, they gather dirt, dust and mold.  When the crackles, pops and hisses begin to get in the way of enjoying your vintage tunes, it’s time to restore your old-tech platters to the pink of health. And the Record Revirginizer offers, arguably, the simplest way to get a deep-seated cleansing done.

Most collectors have their own way of washing, rinsing and drying their records back into pristine shape.  Rarely can traditional cleansing methods or existing solutions allow you to rid them of deeply-embedded contaminants, however, making some folks incorrectly think there’s no way to salvage their unscratched yet grimy vinyls.

The Record Revirginizer is a cleanser that works much like a facial peel – apply it to the surface of the disc (everywhere except the label), leave it to dry into a film and pull it off after eight hours.  Once removed, it takes away all types of dirt and grime that have ensconced themselves to the microscopic ridges within the record’s grooves, leaving it looking immaculate.

They’re not revealing the actual formulation of the viscous solution , but it claims to have anti-static properties as well, rendering your records not just clean, but sounding as good as new.  Do note that it contains some amount of alcohol and will react adversely with shellac records.  They do claim to be working on a shellac version, so it’s something you can look forward to.

One 16.9 fl.oz bottle of the Record Revirginizer can be used to clean up to 16 12-inch recordings.  It’s available strictly from Australia for now, priced at AUD $59.95 per bottle (plus shipping).

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