ResetPlug Automatically Resets Your Router/Modem When Connection Is Out


When your internet goes out, the default first solution is to simply reset both the Wi-Fi router and the modem. That should fix any problems most of the time. Problem is, you’ll still have to get up from the couch, walk over to whichever room the router is in, and physically perform the action – not exactly befitting of our modern, convenience-obsessed times. That won’t be a problem with the ResetPlug.

A power adapter that plugs into your wall outlet, it constantly monitors your home’s internet connection and automatically resets the power to whatever’s plugged into it when a problem is detected. Of course, that works under the assumption that you’ve plugged in a power strip, which, in turn, supplies power to both the router and the modem, essentially performing an automatic reset to renew your connections.

The ResetPlug connects to your home network via WiFi, allowing it to instantly detect when there’s an outage or a problem with the wireless network. As soon as a problem is detected, it cycles power immediately to reset everything and checks again. If a problem remains, the adapter will cycle power every five minutes until a proper connection is restored. You can increase or decrease the time duration via an app, by the way, although we’d probably caution against going lower than five minutes, unless you want to end up frying your router, modem, or Wi-Fi access point during an extended outage.

Available now, the ResetPlug is priced at $59.99.

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