Reveal Bamboo Watch Adorns Your Wrist In Wood

We’re not sure about the comfort advantages (or disadvantages) of a wooden watch over plastic and steel timepieces, but we have to admit: the Reveal Bamboo Watch does look mighty fine.

Bamboo has been the material of choice for many green products, largely because of its hefty abundance, general sustainability and overall versatile uses.  Needless to say, it has none of the nasty BPA and phthalate stuff found in plastics, too.  While appending an “eco-conscious” label to everything that sports a bamboo make is getting a bit trite, it does make for a dapper-looking accessory.

The Reveal Bamboo Watch is an analog timepiece with both its case and strap handcrafted out of ultra-durable natural bamboo.  Designed for men, it brings a stylish elegance that’s only accentuated by the rather unique wooden make.

Case measures 40 x 44mm, while the band goes from 24 to 35 mm.  It uses a Japanese watch mechanism for operation and comes in its own bamboo gift box.  There’s no mention of water resistance, so keep out of water unless you’re into bamboo watches that function as glorified wrist bands (not that it’s such a bad thing).

Sustainable accessories peddler Reveal currently sells the Bamboo Watch for $118.  Only one color is available — a natural bamboo finish.