RoChair Is A Paddle-Driven Compact Wheelchair

Remember the RoTrike?  While intended for use as a rowing-controlled wheelchair, it actually looks more like a paddle-driven recumbent.  If you want a wheelchair that actually looks like one, you might want to switch over to the RoChair instead.

Just like its tri-wheeled cousin, the mobility device offers a less strenuous means of propulsion compared to standard wheelchairs, allowing you to move quickly using short paddling motions.  Since the chair propels from both forward and backward strokes, there’s no wasted motion, letting you cover more ground with less work. The handlebar can also be adjusted in height (arm is telescopic up to 24 inches)  in case you need to generate more power (when riding through steep slopes) for your paddles.

Unlike other wheelchairs, the RoChair has eight selectable gearing ratios, allowing you to move as fast or as slow as you’d like.  Billed as the “most accessible mobility device ever,” it makes operating a manual wheelchair as easy as possible.  All controls, including movement, steering, shifting and braking, are accomplished using handlebar motions, making it easy to use even for those with hand problems (your arm will be performing the work).

Features include an independent rear-wheel suspension (dampens common bumps and jolts), easy transfer (the large 20-inch wheels are  under the seat, so they won’t get in the way), precision-machined aluminum construction, adjustable seats, adjustable footrests and disc brakes.  Even better, it’s very compact at just 24 inches wide, all without sacrificing seating space (most modern wheelchairs are at least 30-inches wide or more).

The RoChair is available now, priced at  $5,000.