This Rotating Air Hockey And Billiards Table Lets You Switch Games In Seconds

Can’t decide between getting an air hockey table or a pool table for the game room?  Stop thinking yourself to death and just get both with this Rotating Air Hockey and Billiards Table.

Combining two game room favorites in a single table, it gives you access to a pair of games while using up just enough floor space for one.  That way, you can keep the rest of the game room available for arcade cabinets, pinball machines, and even a treadmill for getting a little exercise done.  Well, that or a mini-bar.  Yeah, definitely a mini-bar.

The Rotating Air Hockey And Billiards Table gives you a 7-foot long playing surface for air hockey on one side and pool on the other.  Sure, it’s not exactly regulation size (regulation pool tables are around 10 feet long), but for enjoying fun play at home, this should be enough to do the trick.  Simply flip the table to go from one game to the next (there’s a locking mechanism to make sure it isn’t flipped accidentally), with facilities for all game accessories (balls, cue sticks, hockey pucks, puck strikers) integrated into the frame.

The air hockey table features a glossy white playing surface, with a 110-volt blower, 3-inch rails, and heavy-duty aprons, while the pool table comes covered in a nylon blend cloth to ensure a consistent roll.  It uses 4.5-inch boxed and tapered legs, with levelers and reinforcing leg braces, to provide a stable playing surface.

Available from Hammacher Schlemmer, the Rotating Air Hockey And Billiards Table retails for $799.95.

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