This Tote Bag Carries Your Food And Unfolds Into A Picnic Blanket


Do you sometimes overeat from a picnic and then wish you can do yoga to lighten the too-heavy-load currently weighing your stomach down? No? Well, if you had your picnic in this Yogasana Picnic Tote & Blanket from Sir/Madam, you might end up thinking about it.

You see, when unfolded into a picnic blanket, it puts illustrations of various yoga positions on top, so you will inevitably stare at an artwork of someone doing a cobra, a camel, or a headstand while munching on whatever grub you packed. That way, you can feel guilty about everything you’re eating while knowingly ignoring your New Year’s resolution to stay active in the gym. Awesome.


As you can tell from the name, the Yogasana Picnic Tote & Blanket is a tote that you can use to carry all your picnic supplies while also doubling as a functional picnic blanket. It can transform from one to the other using simple folding motions, with one side serving as the tote bag shell and the opposite serving as picnic blanket top. Dimensions are 62 x 55 inches, so it’s pretty generously-sized, ensuring you can probably serve as a beach blanket, too, once summer comes around. Each one is made from cotton canvas with a hand-screened print.


Available now, the Yogasana Picnic Tote & Blanket is priced at $96. They also have other prints for their tote-and-blanket combo available directly from the Sir/Madam website.

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