Skate Bench No.1 Uses Real Decks For Sitting

Your skateboard office chair is awesome.  But what about those times you just want to sit in the park and watch the young ‘uns break their bones while hurtling across the concrete?  That’s what the Skate Bench No. 1 is for.

Made by Kem Studio, it’s, basically, a simple bench with a skateboard deck on top.  While that sound simple, the result is really attractive, making for one fine portable stool guaranteed to draw attention the next time you hit a skateboard competition or an outdoor festival.

The Skate Bench No. 1 has two components: the chair frame and the deck. The frame features built-in brackets for slotting into the board, while the standard-sized 7.5-inch decks feature graphics by Hammerpress (four designs for now).  You can buy both as a set or individually, with the frames coming in either powder-coated or stainless steel versions.

If you only buy the frame, you can use it with a regular skateboard (yes, with wheels), putting the bottom side of the deck up.  That way, you only need to leave the house with the frame strapped to your bag or thrown into the back of your car.  The brackets are only sized to handle 7.5-inch boards with a 14-inch wheelbase, though.

Currently, the Skate Bench No. 1 is still waiting to be completely funded on Kickstarter.  There are just a few days to go, but it looks like they’re close to the target.  Pledges start at $100 to reserve yourself a frame and $150 for a full bench.