So Many Frankensteins, So Little Time

Few monsters are more iconic than the movie version of Frankenstein, with his oversized head, stitched body parts and dead dumb facial expression.  In celebration of the 80th anniversary of that unforgettable big screen adaptation comes It’s Alive, an exhibit showing off 80 re-imagined Life-Size Boris Karloff Frankenstein Busts.

Currently hosted at the City Arts Factory in Orlando, the pieces vary from what could be appropriate modern reinterpretations of Frankenstein’s monster or just downright weird creations that look more like a storefront display at some kooky downtown fashion store.  And a few that probably resemble one of your sociopath neighbors than a monster created in a lab.

My favorites of the Life-Size Boris Karloff Frankenstein Busts include the pink alien Frankenstein dude, a ghoulish half-Swamp Thing version, and a paper collage sculpture that uses paper printed with features about the character.  Notably strange sets include that biker Frankenstein with the skulls bandana, a pompadoured mannequin head with Day of the Dead scrawlings, and a Jigsaw Frankenstein with The Crow hair that looks like Joker.  Seriously.

The It’s Alive busts will be on display at the Orlando, Florida gallery up to November 15th.  If you fancy a few of them (admit it, you’re lusting for that Justin Bieber Frankenstein like a zombie craving brains), they’re also available for purchase at the same spot.

[It’s Alive]