SOG’s New Pliers-Style Multi-Tool Doubles As A Functional Belt Buckle


It’s far from the first belt buckle multi-tool we’ve seen. So far, though, we haven’t seen anything that’s able to unfold into a highly-functional profile the way SOG’s Sync multi-tool does.

Unlike most belt buckle multi-tools, it doesn’t just bundle a host of fold-out implements such as blades, drivers, and wrenches. Instead, the darn thing takes on a pliers-style profile for excellent leverage, whether you’re gripping onto rusted nuts, loosening a line of screws, or bending a length of wire. Sadly, it doesn’t do anything for the fact that your pants will fall down every time you need to use the tools, so you might want to wear a snugger pair of pants when bringing this along.


The SOG Sync comes in two sizes: I and II, with the former measuring 4.4 inches long when unfolded and the latter coming in at a longer 5.8 inches. A total of 11 tools come with the smaller model, including pliers, crimpers, a gripper, a straight blade, two drivers, a wire cutter, a three-sided file, a ruler, an awl, and a bottle opener. The bigger implement combines twelve, throwing in slightly larger tools and a third screwdriver into the mix.


When used as a belt buckle, the tool collapses into a blocky four-sided profile that fits up to 1.375-inch belts for the Sync I and 1.75-inch belts for the Sync II. Features include durable steel construction, a bead-blasted finish, and a clip for hanging it on a bag instead.

Available now, pricing for the SOG Sync starts at $67.

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