Swingtrike Is A Tilting Tricycle For Slow-Cornering Riders

Getting on a bicycle is fun.  Hitting corners hard and tilting like you’re about to fall — even more fun.  If you just like the tilting part and could do without the speed required, you might enjoy trading in your ride for this: the Swingtrike.

Unlike conventional bikes and trikes, all of the vehicle’s three wheels remain flat on the ground even when you take sudden turns and hit sharp corners with reckless abandon.  That means, there’s no risk of the ride falling over, making it a great alternative for elderly cyclists and those with balance issues.

The Swingtrike is a  tilting three-wheeler that uses a strong rubber spring between the rear wheels to get it swaying left and right in a controlled motion.  Designed to make handling easy for riders of all levels, the rear track can be adjusted from 12 inches to 19.5 inches, allowing for even more stability without affecting its leaning movement.  A more upright seating position is promoted with a low-mounted saddle set up eight inches behind the cranks and a high handlebar position.  According to the website, this ensures the rider looks straight ahead, instead of being distracted by anything on the ground.

Other details include all-aluminum frame, a 20-inch front wheel, 16-inch rear wheels, a standard three-gear system and disc brakes.   Some parts are also foldable for easier storage (it’s far from as compact as some foldable bikes we’ve seen, though).  Available options include an 8-gear Shimano hub, child seat, aluminum carrier, lighting system and mudguards.

Pricing for the Swingtrike starts at 1,699 Euros.