Take The Food, Leave The Dishes With Biodegradable Picnic Ware

biodegradable-picnic-wearInvariably, when you go on a picnic or camping trip something gets left behind.  We're not sure if Sasquatch needed a microwave safe bowl and couldn't risk his reputation as a myth to go into Fred Meyer and get one, or if the dish in question got carried off by ants who made it their queen and gathered little bits of food to put in it, but we do know that the guilt we feel when we get home and realize that were missing dishes and that we just contributed to the pollution of the world is real and heartfelt.

In that spirit, we recommend this set of biodegradable dishes that you can take on all of your food outings.  This set is made from Cassava, a perennial tropical plant that is used to make Tapioca.  This awesome herb is completely biodegradable!   Each set has 4 Bowls, 4 Plates, 4 Cups, A Cutlery Set and a table cloth that comes in camo, for guys who like feeling like guys, and gingham for...uh...well for people that like gingham.

The sets are re-washable if you do it carefully, but the set will disintegrate within a week if thrown into the lake or ocean, and in a few months if it happens to land in a treetop somewhere.  So fight pollution with this set, and have the peace of mind from knowing that whatever you left behind will not harm Mother Earth.  Go Cassava!