The Avatar of Exercise

sheba2If you are the type that strives to be in shape but find it hard to achieve results, you need to hear about this.

Perhaps you want to slim down. Perhaps you want to bulk up. Or perhaps you want to maintain your current state of physical well-being. But now that you’ve started working out, you see few results. This is because many people exercise, but few do so with the right form. Any exercise without the proper form can at best leave you as weak as you started, despite a regular workout that leaves others with consistent results. At worst, not using the proper form can cause painful damage to your body.


But if we are so dedicated to exercise, how do we then ensure proper form? Books may offer images, but they can only give so much instruction because, at the end of the day, it’s based on your own ability to comprehend what the author meant.

That’s why you need the Motek Medical Sensor, what some are calling the “avatar of exercise”. This gadget was initially fashioned for helping recognize early onset of muscular dystrophy, as well as isolating which areas were most affected in stroke victims. But the sensors also allow the devoted gym-junkie to dissect their workout in a way never before heard of.

The sensors main function is to gage which muscles the wearer uses, and how much force they generate. Through the use of eight high-speed cameras and force sensors to produce a computerized virtual double, the Motek Sensor pinpoints the data surrounding your workout form. No longer will you wonder why your workout fails to produce results. Motek lets you know immediately where you need to compensate, allowing you to stop wasting time and start getting the body you want.