The Right Stuff: Gatorade For Astronauts Now Available To You


Sick of watching basketball players tell you what you should be drinking?   NASA is hoping that’s the case, as they unveil their own sports drink, called The Right Stuff.

It’s not a joke.  The erstwhile space explorers, as it turns out, are looking to compete with Gatorade’s dominance of the hydrating drinks market, bringing to consumers a product that’s purported to perform its replenishing effects “under the most extreme conditions.”  The same stuff that keeps astronauts performing at their peak during critical missions (or at least some variant of it) can be the same one restoring your body’s hydration levels after a night of drinking at the club or an afternoon at the ballpark.

Claiming to deliver 20% more endurance than other sports drinks, The Right Stuff boasts an optimal isotonic concentration of electrolytes and carbohydrates that offer the best results for just about any requirement, whether you’re exercising on Earth or battling invading alien forces outside our atmosphere.  Just like its competitors, the drink comes in a portable container and packs zero calories,  apart from being available in both flavored (Citrus Blend and Wild Berry) and unflavored forms.

The NASA-developed, patented electrolyte concentrate is now available online at the official product site, with offline availability at specialty sporting goods stores scheduled soon.  The Right Stuff is sold in boxes of three and ten single-serve containers for $8.99 and $26.99, respectively.

[The Right Stuff via NASA via Medgadget]