This Titanium Peeler Will Let You Skin Vegetables For An Entire Lifetime


There’s nothing glamorous about the vegetable peeler. Yes, it’s handy in the kitchen, but there’s absolutely nothing about it worthy of attention the way other kitchen gadgets do. That changes with the Titanium Peeler, a sleek vegetable-skinning implement cut in a light and strong titanium alloy.

Created by CNC machinist Warren Simpson, the peeler comes in a stylish design that should make it right at home next to your expensive chef knives and other premium kitchen blades. Each one is individually machined, too, with both the blade and the handle cut in the same corrosion-resistant material that, according to Simpson, should last you a lifetime.


The Titanium Peeler has a double-edged blade and a handle sporting a similar configuration on both sides, allowing it to be used in an ambidextrous manner. A flat profile for the handle makes it easy to secure during peeling, while thumb grooves just right before the blade will help enable a firm grip. There’s also a small blade at the tip for quickly scooping out potato eyes, as well as 7mm hole at the end of the handle for conveniently hanging on a hook.


It measures 7 inches long, allowing it to fit inside any cutlery drawer, with a build that’s close to a quarter-inch thick, so this should feel substantial during use. The tool is offered in two hard-wearing blade finishes: standard and gold-plated.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Titanium Peeler. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $95.

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