The United States Of Pizza Documents The Best Local Pie Recipes Across The US


There are few dishes the world loves collectively more than pizza. It looks good, it tastes good, and it can be devoured using nothing but your hands. America has not been immune to the appeal of the flat, round Italian dish either and that love affair is properly documented in the United States of Pizza, a hardcover volume that looks at the most delicious pies to come out of the country’s local pizzerias.

Authored by Chef Craig Priebe, it’s a recipe book compiling the best homegrown pizzas from across the country, giving you a chance to recreate them in your backyard wood-fire pizza oven. Scouring every promising pizza place he hears about, the author finds the best items on the menu and shares them in this collection, turning up an eclectic recipe book that covers every style of pizza, with influences from all over America.

The United States of Pizza covers a whole gamut of pie toppings over 192 pages, from white bean puree, asparagus, and parmesan (courtesy of Seattle’s Serious Pie) to red onion, rosemary, and Arizona pistachios (Phoenix’s Pizzeria Bianco) to crawfish étouffé (Louisiana Pizza Kitchen). Basically, recipes that reflect local flavors and personality. It also includes blueprints for making every imaginable type of dough, from traditional Italian dough to sourdough to gluten-free, as well as a collection of adaptable base sauces, a discussion of tools and cooking techniques, and a full address book for all the pizzerias sourced in the collection, so you can visit them when you’re in town.

Slated for release in September, The United States of Pizza: America’s Favorite Pizzas, From Thin Crust to Deep Dish, Sourdough to Gluten-Free is priced at $22.

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