Vika Veine Is A Full Work Desk Hiding Inside A Barren Table

Looking for a simple table that can fold out into a full-featured work desk? Look no further than the Vika Veine, an unassuming small tabletop that folds out into an excellent working space.

A part of Ikea’s Vika build-your-own-table series, the tabletop can be bought on its own.  That means, you can use it as a portable work desk around the house, setting up shop on the dining table, the bed or the coffee table at your discretion.   It also works with legs from the Vika table bar, so you can construct it into a full-fledged fixture.

Folded up, the Vika Veine covers your work area neatly, keeping all your gear hidden under its stark white lid.  Once opened, it literally transforms into a full-featured work desk, complete with a wide table space, felt board on the inside lid (both for absorbing ambient sound and doubling as a notice board) with pockets and paper holders, and cable outlets that run across the back.  The lid uses spring hinges for gentle opening and closing.

Measuring 39 x 23.6 x 4.4 inches, the tabletop can handle a maximum weight of 110lbs – enough for a laptop, a spare monitor and a few other gear thrown in.  It’s constructed from particleboard, ABS plastic, moisture-resistant MDF and foil.

Since it folds into a neat, blank table, the $99 Vika Veine should prove perfect for those who find keeping a mess-free desk beyond their God-given powers (note: me).  All you have to do is shut the lid to hide away all traces of your blatant lack of organizational skills.  The integrated cable management, pockets and notice board shouldn’t hurt attempts at trying to be more organized either.

[Ikea via Unclutterer]