Wardrope Puts Multiple Hooks On A Hanging Rope

Here’s one of the most novel ideas I’ve seen for adding hooks around the house: line them up on a hanging rope.  While that may not sound like a great idea, the Wardrope sort of proves the opposite, making for one of the most versatile rack solutions  available.

Made by Veronika Wildgruber and Susanne Stofer, it’s a unique rack that uses a rope as the frame to attach multiple hooks on.  The rope is designed to be hung from the ceiling,  rather than mounted to a wall like conventional hooks, allowing you set one up in practically any covered area of  the house — you can  install hooks right beside your Read n Rocker, right by a wall for more conventional hanging options, or even use the hooks as a room divider.

The Wardrope consists of a 300 cm rope with four Y-shaped hooks integrated into its length.  All four hooks can be moved across the length of the rope while unloaded, so you can set it up at whatever height or distance you need.  Once you hang something on a hook, though, it locks right on its spot.  A steel weight at the bottom of the rope keeps it taut, which should prove especially useful while the hooks are still empty.

You can get the Wardrope from German website Authentics, priced at €69 (a little under $90).

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