Wall Clips Help Control Gaming Room Mess


So many controllers, so little space.  If you have nowhere to park your mass of console gaming peripherals, then Wall Clips has a clever idea – hang those piles of plastic on your wall.

Designed to go on any vertical surface (such as walls, cabinets and doors), the space-organizing product is basically a hook made from bendable wire.  The bendable part is key, because you can shape it to fit any kind of controller you want it to hold on to, including DualShocks, nunchuks and even those never-ending supplies of Wii peripherals.


Wall Clips let you securely mount your devices using heavy-duty, bendable wire material.  You can literally twist it in any direction, clamping the hold as tightly or as loosely as you’d like. It comes with protective skin that both looks pretty (comes in a wide range of colors) and keeps your controllers unscathed.


A neat-looking gaming room sure sounds awesome, doesn’t it?  But it doesn’t even end there.  Since it’s adjustable, you should be able to use it to hang a slew of other items, too, such as remotes, handheld consoles and other small gadgets.  If you line up several together, you might even get away with hanging swords, shotgun revolvers and other heavier stuff.

Also check out the wall clips how to video below.

Laboratory 424 has the Wall Clips available in packs of four, priced at $9.95.

[thanks  Laboratory 424]