Wallplates Add Hooks Right Next To Your Light Switch

As awesome as the Hookeychain is, it still requires a metal surface to hang your keys.  Since most home walls are either wood or concrete, you’re stuck having your keys dangle either by the fridge or the TV’s metal bezel — not exactly the best places to keep them on.  These Wallplates, on the other hand, will let you hang them where they’re supposed to be — right by the front door.

Created by Justin Porcano, it’s a simple redesign of the good, old light switch cover.  Instead of just having a plate to cover the hole and the in-wall wiring, it adds hooks that you can use to hang small items like ballcaps, keys or a comic book wrist watch on them.  Use this to replace the switch covers next to the front door and you can quickly hang your keys right after you turn the lights on.  Convenient.

The Wallplate comes in two designs — Hook (comes with two hooks) and Envelope (two hooks and a slot for holding mail).  The latter adds a place right by the front door to hold “unhookable” things you don’t want to forget, like your brass wallet or a contract you’re going to take to the office.   For now, the designs only make room for a single switch, so those who need two will have to do without.

Unfortunately, Justin is currently still seeking for backers on Kickstarter and he’s waiting for $35,000 in startup capital to begin production.  Pricing for the Wallplates will run between $15 to $25 if they do get made.  You can check out the different pledge rates available from the link below.