Wood Shock: A G-Shock Made From Trees

Mama was right, G-Shocks don’t grow on trees. Which is why I never got one when I was a kid, boohoo. That same excuse won’t fly when it comes to the Wood Shock, though, which houses the classic digital watch inside a bezel that actually comes from trees.

Despite never having been a fan of the original iconic timepiece, it’s tough not to admire this collaborative effort between Saint 48 and PRPLMNT. Yep, they left out Casio in the deal, along with the plastic and rubber watch cases that’s been the brand’s calling card all these years.

The W-Shock features hand- and laser-crafted wooden bodies, which have been made to mirror the bulky and sporty profile of actual G-Shock cases. They replicate everything, including the engravings around the dial. From what we can tell, they used a stock Casio module 1289 watch everywhere else (including the strap), which means it’s got most of the same features as a G-Shock you’d pick up from your favorite neighborhood fence.

What capabilities went out the window? I’d assume the water-resistance is gone, along with the ability to keep termites uninterested. On a positive note, you no longer have to find a table to knock on wood, which could be useful one of these days. Otherwise, it’s just a really, really cool watch that’s literally different from every other G-Shock edition I’ve seen.

Only two colors are available – black and red, both of which look mighty nice. You can get one from the Wood Shock website for $250. Do note that the pieces are custom made, so no returns once a sale is made.

[W-Shock via Dipt NYC]