Use Woodpeckers’ Equal Space Divider To Easily Mark Objects At Equal Distances


If you regularly do woodworking, chances are, you’ve had situations where you had to cut, drill, or mark at various points of equal distance. And while it’s easy enough to do with a tape measure, it does require some math that can get confusing once you start measuring in fractions of inches.  The Woodpeckers Equal Space Divider should make it a whole lot simpler and easier.

The newest addition to the outfit’s OneTIME Tool line, the contraption gives you a measuring tool for easily marking six equally-spaced sections on any surface. Even better, you can specify the exact distance between the sections, allowing you to make precise measurements without having to do a whole lot of mental math like you normally would when using a standard tape measure.


The Woodpeckers Equal Space Divider is a mechanical tool with six arms that correspond to the area you’re marking, each of which is mounted on two joints in the moving section of the tool. Whenever the moving section of the tool lengthens or shortens, the arms move accordingly, retaining their uniform spacing all throughout the movement. It can position the arms at any distance between three-quarters of an inch to four inches, so this should be useful for a good load of woodworking projects. In case you need to mark distances of more than four inches (it can happen), just set the tool at half of the desired distance and mark every other arm instead.

To use, simply move either end of the tool, using a ruler to measure the length between two of the arms until you get to the desired distance. From there, you simply twist the knobs on both ends of the tool to lock the position, place the arms on top of whatever object you’re marking, and bust out the pencil. The fact that it uses arms means you can draw clear lines to ensure you don’t make mistakes once you’re actually drilling, cutting, or driving into the material. It’s a quirky-looking tool, too – one that will definitely pique anyone’s curiosity as soon as they walk in to your workshop.


Construction is stainless steel for the Woodpeckers Equal Space Divider, so you should be able to get many years of use with this thing. It comes packaged in a molded foam-lined case and includes a 0.9mm mechanical pencil, so you don’t have to dig through the drawer to find that sharpener you can never seem to find when you need it.


Granted, it isn’t the only tool in the market that will allow you to draw equidistant markings. According to the outfit, though, no equal space divider in the market comes with the flexibility of the tool, never mind that most of them simply allow you to make tiny dots instead of lines. Woodpeckers also boast that their robust locks will ensure you never need to make adjustments when marking multiple items at the same distances.

As with other tools in the outfit’s OneTIME Tool line, the Woodpeckers Equal Space Divider is a limited-edition rig that’s made to order. Price is $139.99 with a December ship date.

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