XO2 Electric Scooters Fold Into A Bundle So You Can Charge Them Indoors


If you prefer not punishing your legs on your way to work every morning, a scooter should prove a more fitting economical option.  And if you enjoy the convenience of being able to fold your bike and save on parking hassles, there’s a scooter for that, too.

That’s right, XOR’s XO2 Urban Transformer electric scooter will not only ferry you on the cheap, it folds handily so you can take it indoors too.   Imagine riding a motorized vehicle without having to pay for parking ever again.  Awesome, right?


While it’s not meant to be carried around all day long (it’s still quite big when folded), being able to bring the XO2 indoors allows for easier charging (just plug into any open outlet), not to mention severely decreasing the chances of having it stolen or vandalized.  Since you’re charging it at the office while you’re at work, it’s like having the boss pay for your transportation expenses, too.  Yeah, stick it to The Man.

The XO2 line comes with three different models, with the slowest unit posting max speeds of 60 kph and the fastest one taking it up a notch at 105 kph.  Driving range is pegged at 70 kilometers on a full load (estimated two to three hours charging time) of the onboard batteries.

A word of note: if you will need to carry it up a flight of stairs, then forget about it.  The lightest XO2 Urban Transformer weighs around 50kg; even if you drag it with the wheels touching the stairs, it sounds like a headache not worth pursuing.

There aren’t many details yet, so watch out for later announcements on pricing and availability.

[XOR Motors via Gizmag]