Detroit Electric SP:01 Wants To Eat Your Tesla Roadster

Chances are, most of you have never heard of Detroit Electric.  It's no surprise, given that the last car to ever wear the badge came out back in 1939 -- just a couple decades short of an entire century ago.  That's about to change soon with the Detroit Electric SP:01.

Billed as "the fastest pure electric production car," the two-seater clears a 0 to 60 in just 3.7 seconds and hits a top speed of 155 mph.  Yep, take that Tesla Roadster.   And if the performance numbers aren't enough to get you interested, a bit of Motor City history might, as it's the first electric sports car ever to come out of the city.

The Detroit Electric SP:01 runs on an emissions-free electric motor that puts out 201 bhp (150 kW) and 166 pound-feet of torque.  It's juiced out a purpose-designed dual battery pack that powers the vehicle to a range of up to 190 miles on a single charge, with a full charge requiring just 4.3 hours of being plugged into a standard outlet.   If the shell looks familiar, that's because this is based off the Lotus Exige, with bespoke bodywork made entirely out of carbon fiber.  It uses the same mid-rear configuration as the original Exige and comes with a transparent hatch so you can check out the electric powerplant with a quick glance.

Inside, the vehicle is set up with an integrated smartphone system in the center console (called Smartphone Application Managed Infotainment), which handles all the auxilliary functions, from the GPS navigation to the music player to the regenerative braking to the various key status points.  Yes, it makes phones calls, too, so you can dial the boss even if you forget your iPhone at home.

Only 999 units of the Detroit Electric SP:01 will be made.  It's expected to go on sale end of 2014, with prices starting at $135,000.

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  1. Natas Liah

    Hm….. still seems the tesla roadster can smash this into the ground, hands down. The Roadster holds a charge longer with a range of around 340 km, which is 204 miles. It has more power, 99 horsepower to be exact that provides 295 ft/lbs of torque. The interior is better as well. The SP:01 comes with all the ammenities that are available with any new car these days. What car maker can expect to sell a car after 74 years of non-existance and then offer only 999 of them, even where there is clearly a better car that is already on the market for a lower price? Lastly, this car looks like a pimple compared to the beautiful and clean face of the Roadster.

    Do your research next time you decide to glorfy anything, while putting down a superior product, as to prevent you from being very ignorant.

    • Nobody Important

      That is not a fair comparison. Tesla has not put out a new roadster in quite a while. The range, power and price of the Detroit model may not be up to Tesla standards, but at least they are putting out a 999 cars where Tesla isn’t.

      I like Telsa, I think Musk is single handily changing the auto industry and changing it for the better. Would Detroit even be putting out this car had Musk not built Tesla, not a chance.

      Can’t compare the new Tesla roadster with this roadster, because it isn’t out yet. I think I was reading where there was going to be a new Tesla roadster. Can’t wait to see it. The newest battery for the Tesla is for almost 400 miles on a charge.

      As for the pimple… An Exige or Elise body style is great. I do suspect that the newest Tesla Roadster will have new software stuffed into it like the Model S. I will wait for the new Tesla Roadster.

      I won’t take anything away from Detroit for the work they are doing.

      The Detroit I believe wins for charge time.


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