The Accurate Watch Reminds You Of Your Mortality

Want a constant reminder of your mortality?  Look no further than your wrist when you’re wearing The Accurate Watch, a normal-looking timepiece with a creepy but no less accurate message.

Created by Mr. Jones Watches, the wrist accessory features an hour hand that says “remember” and a minute hand that says “you will die.”  You know, just to bring you down a peg when you start feeling a little too good about yourself.

The Accurate Watch doesn’t stop at the sordid reminder either.  Both the 35mm dial and the rim of the glass cover are mirrored, as well, so you will see your face, along with the message, every time you look down to catch the time.  The product page claims it’s “designed to remind us that life is brief and that we should seize the moment while we are here.”  Personally, I think they just get a chuckle thinking of the poor people who will get this on their birthday.

Watch case is made from stainless steel, with a variety of options in straps.  It features a single-jewel quartz time-telling mechanism, along with waterproof qualities at up to 132 feet.

The Accurate Watch comes in a special presentation box sporting an illustration from Nadine Faye-James.  Price depends on strap and finish, with prices starting at £100 (around $145).

[Mr Jones]