Arthur Egg Cup: Your Boiled Egg Is Now A Knight In Shining Armor

When I first saw an egg cup, all I can think of is how unnecessary it is. I can just put a boiled egg on my Transportation Plate and eat it from there. So I never bought one and forgot all about them. And then I saw the Arthur Egg Cup and my mind was blown. Turns out I really do need an egg cup, after all.

An egg cup clad in the form of an armored knight, it guards your boiled eggs against any oncoming threats. I know, it really doesn’t, but it sure makes eating a hard-boiled egg a heck of a lot more entertaining.

The Arthur Egg Cup is a plastic armor sized to hold a single egg. It has a removable helmet that you can take off when it’s time to eat, along with an accompanying plastic spoon sized to fit into the knight’s right hand while it stands on guard, waiting for you to commence the egg consumption. Yeah, that’s about it. It doesn’t talk, doesn’t fight, doesn’t bow down when the queen of the kingdom sits down at the dinner table, but it doesn’t really need to do any of that — an egg in shining armor is a little too much awesome all on its own.

Animi Causa has the Arthur Egg Cup available for preorder, priced at $13.99.

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