BioPet DNA Breed ID Kit Finds Out Your Dog’s Ancestry Like CSI

You’ve long had suspicions that the mixed breed dog you rescued from the pound came from the unholy union of a mini-pincher and a lion. After all, the mutt roars every morning and only sits in attention every time you scream like Tarzan. Now, you can verify with BioPet Vet Lab’s DNA Breed Identification Kit, which lets you trace your pet’s familial origins like you’re in an episode of CSI.

Why bother? Because the more you know about your animal’s pedigree, the better you can understand its behavior and temperament. Plus, you get to play CSI, swabbing your dog’s mouth for DNA and sending it to a lab for testing. At the least, it’s a cool story to tell about your dog the next time you’re using him to pick up girls in the park.

The DNA Breed Identification Kit contains all the stuff you need to take a cheek swab of your pet, keep the sample secure and send it to BioPet for testing, with no additional costs. Within two weeks of receiving your sample, you’ll be mailed your results, which include a DNA profile, an Ancestry Analysis Certificate, and a Behavior, Health and Personality Summary. The latter compiles all characteristics of the breeds that have found their way into your pet, so you can have a better idea why they behave the way they do.

Not all is perfect, though. BioPet currently uses a database made up of only 62 validated breeds, which they claim covers more than 92% of mixed dog breeds currently in the US. So if your dog was the result of crossbreeding with a lion, you won’t exactly find out. At least, if they can’t find the other dogs responsible for your pet monster, that increases the possibility that it was indeed a lion, right?

Amazon has the BioPet DNA Breed Identification Kit for $59.95.

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