Braithwaite Orpheus: Pick-Toting Wallet For Musicians And Posers Alike


No guitar slinger’s gear is complete without a bunch of picks easily within arm’s length. While you can always keep a set of the little plastic strummers in your pocket, it’s also the easiest way to keep losing them. The Braithwaite Orpheus wallet treats your picks the way it attends to your bills – giving you slots to put them in so they don’t fall off accidentally.

Many guitar pros will probably snicker at the idea – after all, they’re always carrying large guitar cases around, which should fit in all the picks they need. If you’re not playing a gig but just want to be ready in case you get called upon to play, though, I’m pretty sure having a couple in your wallet will come in handy.

The wallet measures 4.4 x 3.4 inches and has slots for three guitar picks. It has one cash pouch with six card slots that tout silk charmeuse lining (for smooth removal). It features double-hemmed seams to facilitate long-lasting use and is made from Satchel veg-tan leather.

For guitar posers such as me, who like to pretend we can play to impress girls, the Braithwaite Orpheus should be the coolest wallet ever. Pretend like you’re pulling out a five-dollar bill and reveal your neatly-kept guitar picks immediately. If anyone asks, nonchalantly pipe, “I used to play for [insert name of an obscure band with marginal mainstream penetration]. Back when they were good.”

Whether you’re my kind of people (errr…posers) or a real guitar player, the Orpheus should prove a very useful replacement for your regular slim wallet. It’s available now for $105.

Thanks Braithwaite